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Vincent R. DiCicco, DVM
Ex-per-tise (kspr-tz)

* Expert advice or opinion. * Skill or knowledge in a particular area.

Dr. DiCicco has the expertise that you need. His years of experience coupled with his insatiable desire to keep up with the latest equine research, assure you of state of the art methods of diagnosis and treatment. His close association with several noted research and surgical veterinarians provide both him and you expert consultation when necessary.

From the all important diagnosis stage through the entire range of treatment, you'll get his expertise. His skill in the area of intra-articular treatment has been honed and developed by treating literally thousands of patients in need of joint attention, and has an extraordinary rate of success.

If you're stabled at a farm, a visit by appointment can often be arranged, schedule permitting. Regardless of your location, Dr. DiCicco will provide you with a level of competency, confidentiality, skill, and ability that will impress owners and trainers alike.
Equine Sports Medicine